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Empire Products Inc (EPI) is the worlds premier manufacturer of Propellant Bags and Charge Bags. We are a Day & Zimmermann Company.

**Empire is now a part of Day & Zimmermann, a Top 100 Defense Company, and one of the largest privately-held companies in the US. We share in the resources, experience and capabilities of Day & Zimmermann’s $2.7 billion enterprise and more than 120 years of experience serving our Armed Forces.**
Find out more about D&Z here: Day & Zimmermann Munitions.

EPI has an excellent reputation for maintaining one of the finest MIL-I-45208 Quality Inspection Systems in our industry. EPI has received multiple awards including Small Business of The Year Award for two consecutive years from General Dynamics-OTS St. Petersburg, Florida. The award represents Quality, Delivery and Customer Service. Our past performance represents our ability to deliver highest Quality Products and meet or exceed required delivery schedules.

Among the military contract sewing products EPI manufactures are 120 mm Tank Ammunition Bags, which we have produced for over 30 years, 105 mm Propellant Charge Bags and 155 mm MACS Charge Bags that we have been manufacturing since 1994. Currently we have produced approx. 9 Million MACS Propellant Bags. In the past we have been involved in many Military Programs including SADARM, TUAV, and Badger Foxhole. We have manufactured RAIDS, Field Packs, Strap Assemblies, Survival Vests and Ammunition Vests, Removal Straps, Flex Rotating Bands, and Survival Kits for Desert Storm. We have also worked with Picatinny Arsenal in designing & manufacturing some of the XM350 Propellant Bags & assisted in the initial R&D of the M467A1 Propellant Bags. We have also recently worked with SAIC Central & St. Marks Powder (GD-OTS) in the design & manufacture of the M200 Propellant Charge Bags.

EPI has also assisted in the design of new Propellant Bags for many different facilities including, but not limited to Picatinny Arsenal, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics-OTS, St. Marks Powder & Northrop Grumman Defense Systems (NGDS). EPI maintains a strategic partnership with Northrop Grumman Defense Systems (NGDS), which allows us to “Ship To Stock” without Government Source Inspection. EPI is also a member of General Dynamics-OTS “Allies In Excellence” program for their preferred suppliers.

EPI Customers:
  • Northrop Grumman Defense Systems (NGDS)
  • American Ordnance LLC
  • General Dynamics-OTS
  • L-3 Communications
  • Picatinny Arsenal
  • Spectra Technologies LLC

It is our endeavor to continue our great working relationships with our current customers & pursue our search for new customers. We look forward to working with you regarding your military and industrial contract sewing and manufacturing requirements.

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